our services

We have been working with companies from all around the world helping distribute their goods to customers in Czech republic and Europe, some of our key features are:


What we do

We do provide full service related to shipping of items for small to large companies. It doesn’t matter if you are sending few items per month or thousands. We will take care that their are sent in timely manner and reach as many customers as possible. We will also help you deal with returns, complaint, COD, testing and legal agenda.


What we ship


We do specialize in fulfillment of beauty and skin care product, nutrition and food supplements along with many other small size items. We can either take advantage of your current network and channels, or help you set up new ones with our local contacts.

1,35 EUR
Per pick and ship
Storage 0,23 per sqm?
2.7 EUR Shipping within CZE
API / XML / CSV datafeed
Daily / Weekly / Monthly COD payouts
Per pick and ship
Free storage
Custom Shipping EU
Tailored datafeed
VIP exchange rates